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I have updated the software. Alot of the functionality that was broken should now be fixed (I was beta testing the software.) However, some items may still not work. I had added alot of tweaks to the original code which I will now have to add to the new code. Also the review and rating system is down for now while I integrate this with the new version of the software.

I have added about 16,000 players into the wiki sorted by Country Code, just names at this time but it will allow users to go ahead and rate these players while information is added. Most of the older players, pre-1980s are not listed yet. I'm still looking for a good source of information on these players if anyone knows one? Some of the functionality of the wiki is broken at the moment, as I am running a beta version of the software. These issues should be resolved around May 4th or 5th.

As you can see if you have browsed through the site, the new rating and review system is up for the categories of racquets, players, and strings. I have cleared all the data from the test so anything added now will be kept. Please see Using the Rating System for instructions on how to use the rating system. If you are having a problem with Internet Explorer you may need to refresh the page or update your java at java.com.

There is also a search page for the ratings of racquets, players, strings at http://thetenniswiki.com/RatingSearch.php (external link)

We have received permission to use string pattern information for the racquets from Silent Partner. If anyone would like to start adding string patterns for racquets.

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Still needed

Most of the racquets that came out since january 08 are not listed (feel free to list them). Oh yeah and there are very few, if any wood racquets listed in the database as of yet. Also in need of junior tennis racquets and any other racquets not in the database.

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