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Using the Rating System

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The rating system comes up in 2 tabs. The first is where you will rate individual criteria of a racquet, player, string, etc. while the second is a Pros and Cons system. You must be logged in to use either of these.

The Rating System

The rating system displays certain criteria for an item. By default it shows an average rating, which is an overall average of the criteria for an item. There is also a total vote which shows how many people have rated the item. By default each criteria will show the average of all the ratings for that particular criteria. For instance in racquets if the criteria is volley and there have been 2 ratings, one of 80 and one of 90, then the default display for the criteria will be 80+90/2 or 85 shown.

To rate an item you simply scroll over the corresponding tennis balls until the percent that you want is displayed then click with the left mouse button. This will lock the % at the number you have determined is appropriate. You may then scroll off the rating for that criteria to ensure the number is what you intended it to be. Please be sure to rate all items, including clicking on those you believe are already accurate to ensure they are recorded.

The Pros and Cons System

Here you will see a list of pros or cons or can add your own. The way this works is that you may type your own pro / con and it will have a default value of 1. People can either use thumbs up or thumbs down to increase or decrease the number depending on whether or not they believe the comment to be relevant. The comments will sort with the highest rated at the top and the lowest rated at the bottom. This will help to ensure the highest rated comments which should be the most relevant are the first ones to be seen.

More Information

If there is additional information you would like to include, like your name, level, play style, and what your ratings were, or comments on the item, or whatever else you think is relevant then you may use the comment section of the wiki. At the very bottom of the page you should see an Add Comment button, this is where you will add other relevant information or can even discuss the item with others.


If you are running Internet Explorer you may have to refresh the page or update your java version at java.com (external link) for the rating system to work correctly.

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