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First try out the Sandbox feature to the left, under the Wiki Menu. This will let you practice using the wiki controls without being able to post anything. Check what you have done with the preview function.

Finding a Page

The first step is to find if an item is listed or not. There is a search box in the top right as well as close to the top left of the website. You may select entire site or choose which section to search. These searches will bring up a list of the closest matches, scroll through to find your item. Alternatively you may browse the categories on the right menu to look for the item. This tends to be a bit slower, but who knows you may just be looking around and want to see everything. When you find the item you were searching for, either click the pencil and paper icon at the top right of the page or scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Edit".

Quick Edit

If the item you are looking for is not listed, type the "exact" name of the item into the "Quick Edit a Wiki Page" box in the top right corner, then click where it says create/edit underneath the box.

What You See on the Wiki Pages

Edit-Allows you to change the content of wiki pages.
Rename-Change the page name for the current wiki item.
History-Allows you to rollback to a previous version of the page.

v-view old pages

b-rollback to old pages

you also have comparison options in a dropdown box to compare the pages
Add Comment-Allows you to add comments or talk about a wiki page. This will be the place to make biased comments if you are going to do so. Please refrain from this in the wiki pages.

Inside the Wiki Editor

WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get)

This editor is like using any kind of word processing software. Literally however you format it is how it will show.

Choose your editor

You will notice at the top of the edit page there is a box that will either say "Use Normal Editor" in which case you are already on the WYSIWYG editor, or a box that says "Use WYSIWYG Editor" in which case you are in the normal wiki editor. This part is covering the wysiwyg editor so make sure it says normal at the top.


The next item down from that is a Categorize item. Please click "Show Categories" and select the category or categories your wiki item best fits. Afterwards click the checkbox that says categorize this item or the item will not be put into a category.


These are just for fun. I'm sure you all know what to do with smileys.


Enter a brief item description here if you choose. It is not necessary, but may be helpful to others.

Main WYSIWYG Editor

Here is where you will enter all information regarding your wiki item. You may use this editor, or use a word processor such as microsoft word then copy your information in here. You may scroll over the options to see what each item does.

Uploading Files

Click the Insert and Image option. You have the option to insert a URL but please do not use this unless it is a url to this site (for example if you have the image hosted in the image gallery). I would prefer images be hosted on site so please click browse server which will open up a new menu. You may create a new gallery or I have one that is open to the public called "Anything Gallery". Once in you will have the option to Upload Files. Here you get a title box, description, categorize, and upload from disk. The only one I'm really worried about is upload from disk, the rest, other than title is optional.

When you click upload from disk just select the file from your computer and hit ok. You will then receive 3 options. The first gives you the code to link a download. The second will be the most used, it will allow you to paste the picture into the wiki page, just copy and paste this whole box. The third is to link from an html page.

So now with the code most likely from the second box copy and pasted, go back to the wiki page and insert the code.

Option 2 Uploading Images My Favorite

Open The Tennis Wiki in a new tab and go to image galleries. Click the appropriate category or create your own. Go into the category and hit upload image. Enter the information (mainly title) and the url of the image or hit browse and select the file from your computer. Hit upload and the image will appear. While using the WYSIWYG editor you may simply click on the picture you see and hold the mouse button down while dragging the image to the wiki page that is in another tab or window. You can simply click and resize if you need to.

Note that sometimes if you enter a picture first that you will not be able to click below it. If this happens to you find the button called source in the lower right of the WYSIWYG editor and click it, go to the end of the text and hit enter, then click source again. You should now be able to type below the text.

Finishing up in WYSIWYG

After you have the text formatted and images in the post, I ask that you please add to the Folksonomy Tags of the item. This can be name, description, player's who use/used, or whatever that might help people find this item in the future. Also list any sources in the footnotes form. After that click Preview or Save, though I would prefer if you clicked Preview before you Save!

Using the Normal Editor

This editor has some benefits that are missing in WYSIWYG. WYSIWYG is there for ease of use, the normal editor is there for control and options. For instance did you notice the page structure for this page and the homepage? You can list the main ideas in a page with the function { maketoc type=box title="Stuff on this page" maxdepth=2 showhide=y nums=force } with the spaces between the text and the {} at the first and last removed. Then it is simply a matter of using the H1, H2, and H3 tags which are your headings located on the menu.

- "title" is what allows you to change the default title, in this case "Stuff on this page"

- "maxdepth" This allows you to set the number of levels to be used, in this case 3 but in most instances I'd recommend 2, example changed to 2 to reflect this.

- "showhide" (add the "Show/Hide" link to hide the TOC content) : values = y|n, defaults to n. This simply lets the users have the option to hide the structure.

- "nolinks" (add links on toc items to the page anchors) : values = y|n, defaults to n

- "nums" (show titles autonumbering) : values = y|n|force, defaults to y
* 'y' means 'same as page's headings autonumbering',
* 'n' means 'no title autonumbering' in TOC,
* 'force' means :
~ same as 'y' if autonumbering is used in the page,
~ 'number each toc entry as if they were all autonumbered'
basically nums just makes them categorized by numbers.

Normal Editor Options

In case you skipped down to this, remember to go back to categories, select the appropriate category / categories and hit "categorize this object"

Now there are multiple ways to add images with the Normal Editor. There is "image" which gives you text you need to fill in, Add another image which is similar to method 1 in the WYSIWYG editor. Don't forget to add the Folksonomy Tags before previewing and saving.

Before being done with Normal Editor please read the next part called wiki help.

Wiki Help

At the bottom of the wiki edit page is a button called Wiki Help. If using the normal editor this will help you in trying to figure out the syntax of the options.

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